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Defenition of the word acceleration

    • Defenition of the word acceleration

      • The amount by which a speed or velocity increases.
      • The change of velocity with respect to time (including deceleration and change of direction).
      • The act of increasing the speed of an object.
      • The state of having an increasing speed.
      • increase in velocity
      • (physics) a rate of change of velocity
      • the act of accelerating; increasing the speed
      • an increase in speed; "modern science caused an acceleration of cultural change"
      • an increase in rate of change
      • (physics) a rate of increase of velocity

    Synonyms for the word acceleration

      • hastening
      • hurrying
      • increase in speed
      • increase of rate
      • increase of velocity
      • quickening
      • rushing
      • speeding up
      • speedup
      • stepping up

    Similar words in the acceleration

      • acceleration
      • acceleration's
      • accelerations

    Hyponyms for the word acceleration

      • angular acceleration
      • centripetal acceleration
      • getaway
      • pickup
      • precipitation

    Hypernyms for the word acceleration

      • alteration
      • change
      • fastness
      • hastening
      • hurrying
      • modification
      • rate
      • speed
      • speeding
      • swiftness

    Antonyms for the word acceleration

      • deceleration
      • retardation
      • slowing

    Idioms for the word acceleration

      • acceleration of gravity

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