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Defenition of the word ant

    • Defenition of the word ant

      • Any of the black, red, brown, or yellow insects of the family Formicidae characterized by a large head and by living in organized colonies.
      • (prefix) opposite or opposing or neutralizing; "`ant' is a prefix in `antacid'"; "`anti' is a prefix in `antihistamine'and `antifreeze'"
      • social insect living in organized colonies; characteristically the males and fertile queen have wings during breeding season; wingless sterile females are the workers

    Synonyms for the word ant

      • anti
      • emmet
      • pismire

    Similar words in the ant

      • counteractive

    Meronymys for the word ant

      • family Formicidae
      • Formicidae

    Hyponyms for the word ant

      • army ant
      • bulldog ant
      • carpenter ant
      • driver ant
      • fire ant
      • Formica rufa
      • legionary ant
      • little black ant
      • Monomorium minimum
      • Monomorium pharaonis
      • pharaoh ant
      • pharaoh's ant
      • slave ant
      • slave-maker
      • slave-making ant
      • wood ant

    Hypernyms for the word ant

      • army ant
      • black garden ant
      • bull ant
      • carpenter ant
      • fire ant
      • garden ant
      • honey-pot ant
      • hymenopter
      • hymenopteran
      • hymenopteron
      • hymenopterous insect
      • hymnenopter
      • leafcutter ant
      • pharaoh ant
      • piss ant
      • red ant
      • sauba ant
      • thief ant
      • wood ant

    Idioms for the word ant

      • ants in one's pants

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