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Defenition of the word mixer

    • Defenition of the word mixer

      • a utensil that is used for mixing foods
      • electronic equipment that mixes two or more input signals to give a single output signal
      • club soda or fruit juice used to mix with alcohol
      • a party of people assembled to promote sociability and communal activity
      • a kitchen utensil that is used for mixing foods

    Synonyms for the word mixer

      • beater
      • blender
      • churn
      • food-mixer
      • food-processor
      • sociable
      • social

    Similar words in the mixer

      • mixer
      • mixer's
      • mixers

    Meronymys for the word mixer

      • mixed drink

    Hyponyms for the word mixer

      • blender
      • eggbeater
      • eggwhisk
      • electric mixer
      • liquidiser
      • liquidizer
      • whisk

    Hypernyms for the word mixer

      • beverage
      • drink
      • drinkable
      • electronic equipment
      • kitchen utensil
      • party
      • potable
      • utensil

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