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Defenition of the word oaf

    • Defenition of the word oaf

      • An elf's child; a changeling left by fairies or goblins, hence, a deformed or foolish child. Source:Wiktionary
      • A person, especially a large male, who is clumsy or a simpleton; an idiot.
      • an awkward stupid person

    Synonyms for the word oaf

      • boor
      • clod
      • dummy
      • fool
      • galoot
      • gawk
      • goon
      • imbecile
      • klutz
      • lout
      • lubber
      • lummox
      • lump
      • moron
      • stumblebum

    Similar words in the oaf

      • oaf
      • oaf's
      • oafish
      • oafs

    Hypernyms for the word oaf

      • clumsy person

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