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Defenition of the word radish

    • Defenition of the word radish

      • The pungent edible root of the Raphanus sativus plant, usually eaten raw in salads.
      • pungent fleshy edible root
      • pungent edible root of any of various cultivated radish plants
      • Eurasian plant widely cultivated for its edible pungent root usually eaten raw
      • a cruciferous plant of the genus Raphanus having a pungent edible root
      • radish of Japan with a long hard durable root eaten raw or cooked

    Synonyms for the word radish

      • Raphanus sativus

    Meronymys for the word radish

      • genus raphanus
      • isothiocyanate
      • radish plant
      • Raphanus

    Hyponyms for the word radish

      • daikon
      • japanese radish
      • radish
      • raphanus sativus
      • raphanus sativus longipinnatus

    Hypernyms for the word radish

      • crucifer
      • cruciferous plant
      • cruciferous vegetable
      • radish
      • radish plant
      • root
      • root vegetable

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