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Defenition of the word stocking

    • Defenition of the word stocking

      • A soft garment worn on the foot and lower leg, usually knit or woven, worn under shoes or other footwear.
      • the activity of supplying a stock of something; "he supervised the stocking of the stream with trout"
      • close-fitting hosiery to cover the foot and leg; come in matched pairs (usually used in the plural)
      • wearing stockings; "walks about in his stockinged (or stocking) feet"
      • the activity of supplying a stock of something

    Synonyms for the word stocking

      • stockinged

    Similar words in the stocking

      • unshod
      • unshoed

    Meronymys for the word stocking

      • instep
      • pantyhose

    Hyponyms for the word stocking

      • boothose
      • Christmas stocking
      • hold-up
      • knee-hi
      • knee-high
      • nylon stocking
      • nylons
      • rayon stocking
      • rayons
      • silk stocking
      • stay-up
      • support hose
      • support stocking
      • thigh high

    Hypernyms for the word stocking

      • hose
      • hosiery
      • providing
      • provision
      • supply
      • supplying

    Idioms for the word stocking

      • a blue stocking

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