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Defenition of the word X-radiation

    • Defenition of the word X-radiation

      • A penetrating electromagnetic radiation, usually generated by accelerating electrons to high velocity and suddenly stopping them by collision with a solid body, or by inner-shell transitions of atoms with atomic number greater than 10; their wavelength ranges from about 10(-5) angstrom to 10(3) angstroms, the average wavelength used in research being 1 angstrom. (Source: MGH)
      • obtaining images by the use of X rays
      • electromagnetic radiation of short wavelength produced when high-speed electrons strike a solid target

    Synonyms for the word X-radiation

      • roentgen ray
      • X ray
      • X-radiation
      • X-raying

    Hyponyms for the word X-radiation

      • CAT
      • computed axial tomography
      • computed tomography
      • computerized axial tomography
      • computerized tomography
      • CT

    Hypernyms for the word X-radiation

      • electromagnetic radiation
      • electromagnetic wave
      • imaging
      • ionizing radiation
      • nonparticulate radiation
      • tomography

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